About the Surgery 

Breast lift and reduction procedures have been around for many years to improve the look of breast sagging caused by gravity, pregnancy, aging and weight changes. Many surgeons have made innovations over the years to make the surgery safer, more effective and longer-lasting. Here at Pearl Plastic Surgery we are excited to offer our most recent innovation in breast surgery! Dr. Nichols’ invention of the Plasma Bra is the product of several years of research and innovation. After seeing the tissue tightening capabilities of Renuvion technology in surgery, Dr. Nichols saw a great application for using this new technology in breast surgery. We worked with the manufacturer, Apyx, to develop a safe, efficient, and effective technique to apply this cutting edge technology in breast surgery. With their help Dr. Nichols was able to create a simple and effective procedure that was written within Apyx’s FDA approval and the “Plasma Bra” was born. 


The Procedure
The Plasma Bra is used in breast lift (mastopexy) or breast reduction surgeries. It involves the removal of the stretched, weakened outer layer of tissues that will be lifted by precision use of plasma energy to vaporize the tissue instead of a traditional knife or scissor technique to cut it off. This ensures accurate and rapid removal with no cutting or bleeding. In addition this new process preserves more of the strength of the breast tissue that is being lifted and gives a stronger breast framework to work with and lift. Think of it like making an “internal bra” that won’t be seen or felt after surgery, but could provide extra and  longer lasting support to the ‘lifted’ new shape of the breasts. 

Are you a candidate?
If you are unhappy with your breast shape from breast ptosis (sagging), low nipple position or large breasts, you likely are a candidate for a breast lift or reduction procedure. Dr. Nichols’ Plasma Bra technique is well suited for either of these surgeries. 

Benefits “Internal bra”

Benefits of the Plasma Bra include a faster surgery due to the precise and bloodless removal of the outer layer of skin (deepithelialization) and the construction of the “internal bra” that is thought to enhance the results of the procedure.  Our patients that have had the procedure are loving their results. 

Recovery and Results
The recovery timeline is the same as for all of our other surgeries; which includes 6 weeks of heavy lifting activity restrictions, and a week or two of post-surgical down time. Final results are seen at about 3-6 months later after swelling resolves. Our patients are typically thrilled with their results, and often have almost immediate relief of back and neck symptoms after breast reduction surgery.

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